Permanent Care

Cypress View Lodge is licensed to accommodate 18 permanent residents. People entering care at CVL are required to have an assessment carried out by an Aged Care Assessment Team.  This assessment will be used to determine whether or not CVL is able to provide the appropriate care for your needs. Link to Aged Care Eligibility Assessment

The care staff have as a minimum a Certificate III in Aged Care or are undertaking this training. We have a part time registered nurse.  The facility has a Sleep over staff between the hours of 9:30pm and 7am.  During this time a staff member is available for on-call emergencies only.

People who are approved for care at CVL are able to continue living at the facility as they become increasingly dependent; however there are situations when it is not possible for CVL to cope with a resident’s changing needs.  The following criteria are typical of the type of issues that may necessitate a move into another facility:

  • The resident is no longer able to weight bear and/or transfer independently
  • Insufficient space to accommodate or manoeuvre the equipment that needs to be used
  • Equipment needs are greater than the facility can provide or access
  • Insufficient staffing hours to cope with increased needs of the resident
  • Nursing needs (Registered Nurse) exceed what can be provided at the facility
  • Resident becomes bed/chair bound
  • Dementia in a resident progresses to the point where care can no longer be provided in a safe manner for the resident and/or other residents and/or staff
  • Behaviour being a risk to self or others

Link to permanent care costs at CVL

Respite Care

Cypress View Lodge has one dedicated respite room that is available for short term care for those that have been assessed as eligible. Once assessed as eligible you can access residential respite care for up to 63 days each financial year.

The cost of Respite Care at CVL is charged on a daily basis and is set at the basic daily care fee set by the Department of Human Services.  There is no booking fee charged.  Respite fee is to be paid fortinightly in advance for the period of stay.

Bookings can be made in advance or in emergencies dependent on room availability. Contact the facility for bookings.